About the Podcast

Rat Roast: Explication Potpourri is a podcast by rats and for rats where your hosts, Arden and Fiona (two rats) sift through the very best garbage the internet has to offer. Rat Roast is here to make clear even the most bizarre and obscure online content, from long-winded recipe blogs to secret fan-pages dedicated to Lorne Michaels, using literary-style explicative analysis. Basically it’s just like all those rhetorical essays you wrote in high school English class, but better suited to the needs of the modern-day surfer of the Interwebs. Also, a lot more fun. We promise it’s fun.

Tune in to Rat Roast every other Tuesday and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and SoundCloud to tap into a wealth of understanding you didn’t even know you needed. Also, if you have a piece of content you desperately need explained, send us an email at ratroastpodcast@gmail.com and we will do our best to bring you clarity.